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Ignorance Vs. Foolishness; 2 Types Of Jahl - Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

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- The story of Bani Israil and the cow they were asked to slaughter, an example of how an Ummah (community) behaves with their Nabi
- Bani Israil did not seem to beleive in Musa's infallibility
- Many times Allah SWT commands us to do things for which we do not know the reasons for
- 3 possibilities of the basis of laws in this world, involving understanding and reasoning/logic
- Defining a 'foolish' person, which is different from the contemporary meaning of a fool
- The dangers of ignorance, and distinguishing the types of ignorance
- Two types of jahl
- Prophet Musa seeks Allah's protection from those who do not use their 'aql' intellect, after his community accuses him of this

"Historical stories in the Qur'an aren't there for entertainment or putting us to sleep. They are actually to keep us awake; each one carrying a unique message and moral."

"Jahl doesn't always refer to the meaning of pure ignorance or illiteracy. In Shi'a hadith this is used in opposition to aql. A person may have knowledge, but he's being foolish. He has the capacity to think but doesn't use his aql."


16th Night Ramadhan 1436
Recited By: Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Date: July 3rd, 2015

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