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Status Of Imamat: Hereditary, Acquired Or Divine Appointment? - Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

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- Belief in divine appointment, coming with divine knowledge and miracles
- The gift of Imamate is one that is given only to a select few chosen by God, only those who are worthy in all aspects of character
- The Ahle Sunnah respect the Imams as good people, role models, however that is where they draw the line, no further
- The agreed upon requirements of being an Imam
- It is not hereditary, based on lineage, rather the selection is based on the choice of God
- Older sons of Imams were not chosen as the next Imam, rather younger ones were chosen, disproving lineage as the requirement
- Age, maturity, status, etc are not pre-requisites, proven by many Prophetic and Imam examples
- Imams do not acquire or learn their knowledge; rather it is divinely inspired
- The 9th Imam's unique example, fulfilling his duty at the age of 7
- Narrating stories of the young Imam engaging with prominent scholars and government officials
- Differing views on the requirements of divorce between Sunni and Shi'a law
- Shahadat of the Imam due to poison administered by his wife at the behest of the Caliph


Shahadat of the 9th Imam Muhammad at-Taqi (a.s.)
Recited By: Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Date: September 23th, 2015

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